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Quora is Like an Organized Dinner Party - Auren Hoffman, CEO of SafeGraph

Episode Summary

Auren is CEO of SafeGraph. He's the former cofounder and CEO of LiveRamp -- the largest middleware company that connects marketing applications. LiveRamp was acquired by Acxiom in 2014 for $310 million. LiveRamp was formerly named Rapleaf. LiveRamp now is public company (NYSE:RAMP). Auren was the first investor and served on the board of BrightRoll (acquired by Yahoo for $640 million). He is the Chairman and co-founder (with Peter Thiel) of the Dialog Retreat.

Episode Notes

This week we're joined by Auren Hoffman, CEO of SafeGraph, to talk about why he thinks Quora is like an organized dinner party. This episode gets to the heart of a core Quora principle, "Be Nice, Be Respectful", which requires that people treat other people on the site with civility, respect, and consideration.

A few insights from the episode:

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