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Combining Barnacle SEO and Paid Advertising on Quora - CDN77

Episode Summary

Our guest this week is Michal Pecanek. He started in marketing as an SEO specialist but has grown into a generalist over time. He still loves SEO the most but you can also find him crafting killer email campaigns, blog posts or playing around with Google Tag Manager. He currently works as Marketing Director for CDN77, one of the major global CDN providers with customers from more than 100 countries. Being on a global market provides endless marketing opportunities and Michal enjoys trying all the lesser-known tactics and tools.

Episode Notes

This week we're joined by Michal Pecanek, Head of Marketing for CDN77, to talk about how he combines barnacle SEO tactics and paid advertising on Quora to drive results for his company.

‘Barnacle SEO’ was a term first popularized by Will Scott in 2011 to describe the process of attaching your business to existing high-ranking entities (like major directories) and then promoting them as a means of dominating search engine results for desired terms.

He uses several tools to find the best questions on Quora to answer and then promotes them to get more visibility from his target audience. His results speak volumes as his CPA on Quora is 46% lower than Google search campaigns.

A few tools mentioned in this episode

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