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Building a Company on Quora: How to Optimize the System to Drive Results - LawTrades

Episode Summary

This week we're joined by Raad Ahmed, Founder and CEO of LawTrades. In this episode, he reveals his methodology for how he started and grew his business on Quora, while racking up over 10 million views on his answers. A few insights from the episode: - Learn how he piggybacks on Quora's audience and traffic to drive business results - Get his systematic process for selecting questions and writing quality answers that reach his target audience - How to use Quora as product-market fit tool to guide new products and features

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LawTrades is a hiring platform that empowers in-house teams to quickly hire flexible legal talent backed by workflow software and management support. Everything from sourcing and vetting to time tracking and payments is built in, so you have more time to get the important work done.

LawTrades lawyers work with companies ranging from the Fortune 10 to high-growth startups like AngelList, Giphy, and Andela.